HP Procurve vlan routing question

We have a HP Procurve 5406zl switch with two vlans, I need the hosts on each vlan to be able to talk.



Could someone please help me configure this?
Thanks so much.
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The 5400 is aware of all the VLANs configured within itself and will build the routes itself after you type the command #ip routing
You should be able to #show ip route
In order for the routes to populate, traffic must exist between the vlans so it can define them.  So a little patience is needed.  This feature is called Inter-vlan-routing
What is the ip of your router or gateway?  If you're going to do all routing on this switch is it your only switch in your network?
You'll need to point a manual route to the internet gateway.   Your site router/gateway (e.g. must have a default route of it's internet connection.
- Also add the command (e.g.) "ip route" to the switch. This will tell the switch to forward all unknown IP's to your router - which will allow internet access for all VLANs
Faruk Onder YerliOwnerCommented:
you need to put in config "ip routing" string. below link can help you for other details.
corptechAuthor Commented:
So it is one command "ip routing"?  I do not see any routes in that config, do I need to use Rip?
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Faruk Onder YerliOwnerCommented:
You dont need routing protocols if both vlan definition  in same switch.if you have more than one switch and you will define different vlans, it may be necesarry. If your switches has uplonk to router you may use. But if you have dyub network you dont need at all.  
corptechAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the reply, I just want to make sure I am understanding this correctly.
Our switch (5406zl) is a modular switch and each vlan is on its own module. so vlan1 is on module A and vlan10 is on module B.  
As far as I am understanding all i need to do is enter "ip routing", i do not need routing protocols nor do i need to enter in static routes "(p route 192.168.x.x  Also will I have any issues routing between a class B ip and a class C ip within this switch?  I would like do everything within the switch.
As explained before, you should activate ip routing trough the menu or the CLI to activate it

Show IP route will show you a route for your VLAN only if you have an active euqipment connected to this vlan.

If you make a sh ip route, you will see nothing before you connect something to this lan (physical connection)

corptechAuthor Commented:
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