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I have domain admin rights to ad I have admin rights to edir. My users are in edir, and they are already created in ad. in quest how do you merge the edir account into the ad account?
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I'm trying to remember the screen(s)/dialogs and I don't recall what steps or radio button(s) you click on to migrate groups.  

A recommendation by my colleague is to let the Quest utility is to let the tool bring all objects and container structure over and then re-design via user/group/other object moves once everything is in AD and working.

Like before, if the groups already exist in AD and you're not using them, delete the AD group and let the utility bring them over.

When you do one of the beginning processes to compare eDir and AD together, you pick the target OU in AD and then do a discovery of sorts.  It will show conflicts prior to doing any sort of a migration.

Are you actually using the AD accounts yet?  Do you have passwords on those AD accounts?  If not in either or both cases, I'd suggest deleting the AD accounts and letting the Quest utility migrate the accounts over to AD instead of trying to "merge" them.  It will be a lot easier.

I did the above for 700 accounts and got the job done in about one hour.  We didn't move any file/print data, just eDir to AD accounts in preparation for a GroupWise to Exchange migration.

zenworksbAuthor Commented:
what bout groups how do you do the groups step
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