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How common are computer monitors (and laptop monitors) of resolution height 720 or lower

I am creating an application that has a definate size that can not be made smaller.

I have already started building it of the size 1024 x 768.

It is my understanding that as for the width, 1024 is a good choice as only 8 percent of
users have 800x600, but I then noticed funny sized (widescreen) resolutions like
1280x720 and 1152x720, so my question is, are these resolutions rare in todays market or
are they sold regularly.

Widescreen is not the problem, its just that i am building 768 which means no 720's can
fit it on the screen
1 Solution

This will give you a % breakdown of resolutions for gamers.

1280 by 720 is WXGA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WXGA

Not sure about the other one.
I think that you should not worry about ****x720 resolution. Bigger problem are netbooks, which are very popular lately and they have smaller resolution than 720. See link for more information: http://derek-says.blogspot.com/2008/06/comparison-of-netbook-screen.html

So if you go with 1024x600 you won't have problems with users that use 1024*720 and you won't have problems on netbooks except Asus EEE 700 which is past already.
As stated the "funny" sizes are for some laptops. My work laptop here is a 1280x800 which I think is more common now with the popularity of widescreens. dbrunton has a great llink, props to him. I am not sure if you have this covered but for widescreen monitors you can set active display ranges to black out the sides, and top if you wanted to, so that your app would always be the right proportion and size. Of course that is only relevant if your app needs to be in full screen or not. If its a window'd app then it doesn't matter.Good luck!
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