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classic asp "datagrid" with right click context options

I'm maintaining a classic asp web application quoting tool.  The tool has some complex features and i'm trying to simplify the UI.  For example there is a table that lists all of the detail of the quote; i.e. quantity, part number, description, cost, ext cost, etc.  The customer wants to add additional features to the tool so that for each "line" in the detail section they have the option to edit, move up, move down, insert above, insert below and delete for each row of the table.  Rather than have a clickable button on each row for each option I would like to have a more UI friendly solution.  One of the guys here suggested some sort of "flashbox" same page popup that would present each of the six options for each line.  He suggested some functionality similar to http://orangoo.com/labs/greybox/examples.html but without the whole page "effect".  Does anyone have suggestions about how to acomplish this type of functionality?
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Wayne BarronCommented:
If you are wanting to add a Right Click Menu to your Grid.
Then this would be the way to go.
I have used it before, when I first started learning to design websites in the beginning.
And I was so siked, that I used all sorts of Javascript goodies.
And this was one of my favorites to use.

Have a good one.
Wayne BarronCommented:
Why the [b] ?
Please explain your reason for awarding a [B] rating, when I posted and you never let me know
Rather it is what you wanted or not?
If it is something that you are going to use, then it should be an [A]

Please explain your grading.

DanLockwoodAuthor Commented:
The answer does not completely resolve my question.  I opted for a DHTML + Javascript solution that I found here: http://www.hotscripts.com/listing/javascript-hide-table-row/.  Nothing wrong with the suggestion but didn't solve all my problems.
Wayne BarronCommented:
Then why did'nt you come in and state that, instead of just accepting my post as answer?
I would rather help you get what you want, instead of recieving a [B] grade with no feedback on
What I have posted.
Nothing, not a thing, even after I ask you "why" the grading of [B]
No reply until I ask for the mod's to come in on it.

>>Nothing wrong with the suggestion but didn't solve all my problems.
That is why you always come back in and state your findings, and let the EE that is providing the information to you, help you further in getting what it is that you are wanting done.


And with your post from here: http:Q_24347223.html?cid=748#a24236564
I will stay with the [B]

Just please keep in mind.
If you are going to give someone a grade less then [A] please give them a reason to why
They did not deserve the [A].
(Just like you just did on your last post)

Have a good one Dan, and hope your site meets all your coding dreams.


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