Outlook 2007 with additional mailbox on Exchange 2003 "HANGS" ...

End user is running Office 2007 (SP1) on an XP machine (SP2).   Outlook is configured to use the corporate Exchange 2003 server

Outlook 2007 has one additional mailbox configured with the user's mail profile.

At times (seems more lately), after Outlook is opened, it will lock-up/freeze when trying get the additional mailbox to open (this is only fixed by shutting down Outlook with CTRL-ATL-DEL ... task manager).

I have tried a few times to delete then re-add the email profile using control panel.

Outlook only does this lockup/freeze when one tries to use/open the additional mailbox.

Others in the same area (with the same additional mailbox) are not reporting any lockup/freezes.

All Office updates have been run on the machine.  

Any tips/suggestions to check on this PC would be appreciated.
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does it follow the user to another machine?
If not, try a new Outlook profile.
Also try another person logging in to the same machine.

pugdog_fanAuthor Commented:
Good point ...

I guess I could create another person's Outlook profile on her PC (and add the 2nd mailbox to the profile).

Then, have her test that profile during the day.

I'll be back in touch.
So why did you give me a C grade?

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