Diagnostic light on IBM x346

I have a client with an IBM x346. The little exclamation point light on the front is on. However, when you open the light path panel, nothing is lit up, so I can't tell what component is having the problem. The client says that everything is functioning on the server right now, and the light has been on for a while. I haven't had access to the machine yet at all to see what versions of firmware or anything are on, or if there are any event viewer errors or anything. Just looking for a heads up on what to look for in cases like this where the outside light is on but nothing on the panel when you pop it out.

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dolomitiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
reboot box, enter in BIOS and see error log (in the first panel of bios):
note errors and delete all.

Enter in Advanced (some rows below), and in the first or seconds level
there is another error log menu: take a look at errors (probably are tens) and delete.

Don't reboot, poweroff, and unplug power cords. Wait a while. Restart.

open the console and type errpt to view all all errors on the machine. The timestamp will tel you the
MMDDtime of the error.
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