My SMS 2003 software packages just keep installing

I run an SMS 2003 SP3 server with 35 secondary sites around the state. I have created several software packages that are being distributed successfully to computers at those sites. The advertisements do not expire due to the fact that our staff at those sites may reimage PCs, which then need to have the packages reinstalled. We have recently upgraded our server hardware.

Here is my problem: the packages keep reinstalling. At one site, for a particular advertisement, there have been 5 times the number of successful installations as there are computers! The computers are not being reimaged. They all run the advanced client. It seems like SMS is not detecting that the software is already installed?? Or the advertisement thinks the package is being updated?? i don't know. Please help.
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lnqtechservicesConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ok. When we upgraded our SMS server, we reinstalled SMS to a different primary site. This meant that we had to uninstall all the clients because they were all in the previous site. We did this using group policy and ccmclean. Because we have 37 remote sites around Queensland we have to rely on on-site non-technical part-time staff to turn on all the computers to receive the policy and uninstall the client. So we had to leave the policy in place for a couple of weeks to ensure all machines were removed from the previous SMS primary site.

When we reinstalled SMS on the new server we again used group policy to install the clients into the new site. Created the packages and advertised them. All was working. Then we realised that the packages kept reinstalling, and that's when I appeared on this forum. But now I know what was happening.

We forgot to remove the uninstall policy.

This resulted in a cycle of installation and uninstallation of the client, resulting in the reinstallation of the advertised packages after every reinstall of the client. Then the client was uninstalled and the whole thing went around again. Doh! and double doh! I've removed that policy and things seem to have settled down.

Thanks HayesJupe for your time and effort. There was nothing wrong with SMS after all. It was my brain that was malfunctioning.
after the package is installed, does sccm report a successful install? And is the advertisement set to re-run if failed/if successful/always re-run ?
lnqtechservicesAuthor Commented:
Thank you HayesJupe for responding. I always feel I am in the wrong time zone to get timely responses to my queries (+10GMT).

The logs in the Advertisement Status show that the installation is successful. Then later it will install again on the same machine, and again. Not at regular intervals. I have attached an example in the code snippet section. I have used SMS Trace to browse the files in sms/logs and sms_ccm/logs but I don't really know what I should be looking at.

I am not sure where the setting is to rerun if failed/successful/always. I have not specifically set such a setting.

Please don't forget me. It is now 4:45pm on Friday and I won't be able to address this over the weekend. Things get old very quickly on this forum. Thanks.
The program for advertisement "BNE20001" completed successfully ("BNE00003" - "Per-system unattended"). The success description was "".
The program generated an installation status Management Information Format (MIF) file with a status value of Success. For more information, see the documentation for the program you are distributing.

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hey mate - always look out for other aussies :-) as we are generally in the minority....
ok, so if the advertisement has completed successfully, we can assume the setting is not "re-run if failed" - but i would still like to check if it is set to "always re-run"
This setting is located on the advertisement properties. Have a look... if it is, there's your issue. If not, we'll need to have a look at some of the client logs to suss out why the advert is re-running... but i dont remember the names of the logs off the top of my head.... i think offermgr.log (the advertisement offer log) and im sure there's other, but ill need to get in front of a box to work out which.
lnqtechservicesAuthor Commented:
Ok, I've had a look in the advertisement properties and I can't find the setting. All I can find that relates to a re-run setting is in the schedule tab, in the Recurrence pattern setting (in the properties of the Mandatory Assignment), which is set to None.

The offersum.log file shows activity which corresponds to the reinstallation of the packages, but I don't know if that means anything beyond that it is happening. Would you like me to attach the log files?
ok... sp if you double click on the advertisement, goto the schedule tab, down the very botton the property "Program re-run behaviour" has 4 available settings...
yes, attach the logs and ill have a look.
lnqtechservicesAuthor Commented:
..uh... I don't have that property on the advertisement schedule tab. I will attach a screen shot. Have I missed something in the installation, or in the site properties? None of my advertisements have this setting. Technet describes it, but my SMS help file does not.

I am attaching the logs with the screen shot in a zip file.
my apologies, your running sms 2003 - and the UI is different. You did say that at the top of your post.... but i flat out havent used SMS 2003 for quite a while now.... and i kninda forget that people are still back there.
From the look of your status log, the advertisement is trying to run, but cannot access the source files! (and therefore is failing, which will lead to your re-runs) Have you added the package to a DP that is within the sites boundary ?
lnqtechservicesAuthor Commented:
No, no. The packages are installing successfully, the logs say so. There are four entries for each installation: 10002: Advertisement received; 10035: Content not yet acquired (which I think is what you were highlighting); 10005: Program started; 10009: Completed successfully. I have not received any complaints that the software is not installing, and I've tested software delivery at our Test centre and it's fine. It just won't stop. I can't set an expiry on the advertisements because PCs may be reimaged without our knowledge (although we know reimaging is not the cause of this problem). My feeling is that it's a global setting somewhere because all our advertisements are behaving the same way. Unless it's something to do with the packages themselves or the program I'm using (which is per system unattended). This was not happening on our previous installation......................................

...oh. ok. let's just try something. i have a policy that installs the client. works well. what if i remove the policy that uninstalls the client. that might help....

i'll let you know
cool - glad your found the issue.
Sorry i was all over the place with the answers.... i need to actually pay attention instead of answering as a "break" to my other sccm work :-)
BTW there is a sccm client health script floating around on a guys blog which may have helped with the issue you did have and you may want to look at next time your do an inter-heirarchy migration.
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