CS3 Photoshop and Illustrator issues saving to Mapped Network Drive

Hi There,

I have CS3 Design Standard.
We have a NAS setup with diffent mapped network drives.

I can save to the mapped Network drive fine but if i try and save to a folder withiin the network drive the save button is greyed out.

Any ideas on why this is.


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David BruggeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can't say for sure just why you can save to the root drive and not into a folder, but I should point out that Adobe strongly recommends against working on files across network drives with Photoshop.

My expertiese does not include network management and all of its intricricies. However Adobe recommends that you download a file to your local machine, work on it, then upload it back to your server. This has to do with the way Photoshop configures its proprietary swap files. The file apparently is easily confused when it has to navigate networks. What makes this baffaling to some is that depending on your memory, the size of your file and the amount of data that is in your history file, Photoshop may work just fine and other times bug out.

Of course Adobe has a solution. They want you to use Version Cue and the new "Adobe Drive" This is only available when you buy one of the Adobe Suites. Another clever way to get into your wallet. Once you buy the Suites, you can no longer upgrade a single program at a time, you are committed to buying the Suite upgrade. On the other hand, Adobe Drive is a virtual server that designed for working across platforms and across networks.

Without  Version Cue, you have to download and upload, or take your chances I'm afraid.

Actually theres not a problem with the proprietary swap files in this case D Brugge. I do this exact same thing every day of the week, and had the same problem for a few hours.

Go see your system administrator and get him to change your permissions on the drive you can't save on...Because they are probably set to "Read" "Yes", "Write" "No".
dayronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We have a user on staff that uses Adobe Creative Suite CS3. He uses mostly InDesign and Photoshop. Most of his work is done on a local drive, but he has both read\write permissions to any network folder he uses from time to time to work from. He can open, save, save-as to those network folders using any other application (Windows Explorer, Microsoft Picture Manager, Paint.NET, we tried many). However, with CS3 he is told he does not have permission. In this case (I can't speak for permissions on all server world wide) it is a CS3 issue and not a permissions issue. You'll likely need to follow Adobe recommendations on this one. I wonder why Adobe has to have "Adobe Disk" as a solution and is unable (unwilling) to include proper, common,  network support... except to force people to buy the suites as stated previously.
David BruggeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From Adobe:

"Photoshop is a resource-intensive application, requiring more RAM and hard disk space than most other applications. While Photoshop will work with networks and removable media, doing so compromises the applications performance and reliability. For example, because Photoshop reads and writes image data while you work on an image, the faster the access speed of the disk containing your image or the Photoshop scratch disk files, the faster Photoshop can process image data. Internal hard disks have fast access speeds than network servers (a hard disk accessed over a network) or removable media.
Data transmission along a network is affected by file servers, routers, bridges, network cards, software, cables, connectors, power cables, and power supplies. Network connections can suddenly become unavailable, increasing the risk of data loss and application errors. During transmission and reception, network software verifies that data has been sent and received. The depth of verification depends on the network software package, and may not be accessed by the operating system. When you try to save files across a network, you may receive the error, Could not complete the request because the file is locked, or Could not save because of a disk error. However, the network and operating system may not notify you if a Photoshop image or scratch disk file contains damaged or incomplete information.

"Additional variables when using networks

  "There are many different types of network configurations (for example, multi-launch, client-server, or peer-peer) or types (for example, ethernet, token ring, or IP) made by many different companies. Each configuration requires specialized software and hardware, with varying set-ups, preferences, and updates. This additional layer of software and hardware increases the chances of an error occurring (for example, from line noise, RF interference, or packet collisions)." (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/322/322391.html)

See also:

As far as your button being grayed out when trying to save, have you tried "Save As Copy" This ought to work.
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