Change Nic Speed with batch file

Does anybody know of a code I can put in a batch file to change the Nic Speed easily? I have a user that needs to be 100 full at the office but Auto Negotiate at home..
I can't have him go into the network settings everytime, so Batch file would be an easy fix.

Please help!
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I have found the registry value that changes the speed/duplex setting for the nic card in my pc, but I dont think the change will hold unless the adapter is disabled/reenabled.  To do that, you could use the devcon.exe tool available from microsoft.  It would be difficult to write a script like that for you without having the actual pc to test on.  Here is a link to the devcon utility.

Below is were I found the setting on my pc.  Changing the *SpeedDuplex" value to a 4 made it change from auto to 100full.  Yours will likely be in a different place under the class.

techbeausejourAuthor Commented:
The nic card is the following :
Integrated Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet Controller (10/100/1000 NIC)
Michael PfisterCommented:
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