Server 2008 "The group policy client service failed the logon"

Hi, I'm getting this error for a users trying to login to a server 2008 computer, on a domain:

"The group policy client service failed the logon
Access Denied"

it seems to be happing randomly for admins and most users can't logon.

Any suggestions?
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Scott LConnect With a Mentor IT Support AnalystCommented:

We found that the ntuser.dat file (in the users' profile.v2 folder) was somehow being corrupted. The size was that of a brand new file, 256k, and i imagine the information in it was conflicting with some other registry or server info.

Anyways, while not sure why it was happening (things get corrupted from time to time with users), we found that restoring the ntuser.dat and ntuser.ini files from backup and overwriting them into the users' profile directory fixed the issue. this would explain why the first temporary solution worked. We just refined it a bit this time i guess.

still may not be the best preventative or final solution, but it works and isn't too broad a fix.
Scott LIT Support AnalystCommented:
ack no responses.  Yes we have come across this. For a quick fix, we found re-creating the whole account fixed it (then transfer saved files back), but obviously this is no good when it happens more than once or twice.

If you need the account straight away its an option until we find out what is causing it.
centtechAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. This seems to have solved the problem, even if it is a round-about way :D
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