Is there an online service to check my web site for malware?

Hello Everybody,

Recently I have received a notice from Google that one of my sites has been found to be hosting Malware, and it is currently flagging the site. I have reloaded numbers of pages but still want to see if there is a third party service that performs this check WITHOUT a software installation. I have used one called linkchecker, but it only scans a single page at a time. Was hoping there would be something I could place my home page URL in and have the entire site get scanned.

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GuitarFingersAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for you assistance. All of these provide good warnings for the browser, but what my mission was here was to find an online application that would scan all the pages on my web site to see if there was malware being hosted.

I have found on call Have a look if you ever have this problem.
I don't think there's an online service to scan your website for malware, but you can try going to these websites to find what (such as a link or a download) it is in your website that's causing the malware. Next, you can delete it. At the bottom-right corner it says "View Site Report". It says "Is This Site Safe", but it will give a report. At the top right corner it says "Check the Reputation".
I hope this answers your question.
You can access the website from a computer that has a real-time background protection enabled (I meant an antivirus that is updated and has real-time scanner enabled), that should tell you which virus it is. I don't know of any service to scan webpages. There are website such as which can scan a file with 30 different antiviruses and tell you if its infected or not.

There is another option, but it would require installation of a third-party product called MalwareBytes Anti-Malware ( Its a specialised scanner for spyware detection and removal and its free.
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Here is one I have had some good luck with in the past:
Hmm... that is new for me. Thanks for telling us.
Hey, I just used and it worked great.  It did help me locate an iframe problem.
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