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ISA Server has encountered a proxy chain loop

Hi there all,

I am having a problem with my ISA box in that I continually get Event 14141 for Microsoft ISA Server Web PRoxy (ISA Server has encountered a proxy chain loop.) and then no one can get on the internet.  I have just had to install ISA from scratch and the NIC details are as follows:

Internal NIC:

IP Address :
Gateway :
Primary DNS: (internal DNS server and Primary DC)
Seconday DNS : (ip of ADSL router)

External NIC
IP Address:
Primary DNS:

If anyone has any ideas on what would be causing this problem I would greatly appreciate it.   The other thing is I cannot nslookup internal computers from the ISA Server.  This Server is a member of our domain.

2 Solutions
Your internal network card shouldn't have a gateway in the nic.
Leave that one empty.

Then on the cmd type route print
Then add the route for your internal netwok

In your case this would be
route add mask -p

That is if is your gateway, normally this would be
Yes. You should not have Internal Gateway in the ISA. Only the external!!
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
and the default gateway for internal clients should be
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chimp153Author Commented:
Thanks guys.  The internal NIC was set to get an IP address automatically so I changed that and I checked the routing table and it had the route entry in there so I will give it today and see if it continues to get the error.

The other thing is that I have a number of internal websites that are published from this server and their IP address internally is (of the server they are on - I use headers in IIS to get to the right site), but from the ISA box when I NS lookup this website I get the external ip address.  

So my question is would this cause a proxy chain loop.  I do have to send the requests to the server but was wondering whether this would cause the proxy loop problem.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
> but from the ISA box when I NS lookup this website I get the external ip address.  

1. remove primary DNS on the external NIC. make sure all DNS requests go to internal DC.

2. PING the internal servers from the DC ( to see if the internal DNS can address the published servers correctly.

3. if necessary, as you have only a few internal sites to be published, use IP numbers instead of domain names, in the relevant ISA settings such as publishing server or defining firewall rules.

hope it helps,
chimp153Author Commented:
Checked today and all is still working, no more proxy chain loop errors.  thanks for your help rslangen
chimp153Author Commented:
and bbao

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