RAID config for IBM x3550 - need to rebuild RAID.

Yetserday one of our servers, a IBM x3550 (1unit pizzabox) , dropped the RAID1 config and went dead.

After unplugging disk B we rebooted ans started up the RAID utility on boot up. It asked if we would create a new configuration and we said yes - shortly after it would reboot and the server would run fine.
Ok so we made a complete disk clone using Acronis this night and had the server up and running - but only on one disk.

How should I make the RAID accept disc 2 again and update the RAID to a mirror again - can I do this from a Windows utility or do I have to use the RAID config onboard ??
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JBlondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it was a hardware RAID you have to add the second disk to the broken array in the RAID utility during the boot sequence.

If it was a software RAID you can add the second disk to the mirror again in Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management - > Disk Management.

If you're unsure: Go to the Disk Management. If Windows doesnt complain about a broken aray and simply displays one disk, it was a hardware RAID array.
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