Can't TFTP from a Cisco router through a Cisco ASA 5510 FW to a LAN pc.

I have a cisco 3600 router which handles an E1, this is connected to a ASA 5510 FW, which routes data to our LAN.
The problem I am having is I cant copy the running-config using TFTP to a pc on the LAN side.
I can copy the runnnin-config from the ASA 5510 to the Pc on the LAN side.
So is there something stopping TFTP on the FW coming from outside interface"cisco 3600 router"
I  see in my ASA config that FTP is allowed to my subnet on the LAN.
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Hay, have a look if the UDP port 69 is opened on the firewall. TFTP uses another port than FTP
You will need to configure ASA to permit TFTP traffic too.
FTP uses ports 20 and 21, and TFTP uses port 69.
So,you will have to permit port 69 on ASA.

Good luck!
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