CheckPoint Edge any to firewall drop

I have CheckPoing Edge (SBOX) and I configured rule Any to FW drop so now I can't manage the firewall, what I can do ?
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grimkinConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Can you give a better idea of your rule and where you are trying to manage it from?

i.e. are you on the internal subnet or external to the Edge? Which interface on the gw have you configured in that rule?

If you are external and you have an "Any -> This Gateway : DROP" then you will need to get onto the internal subnet to reconfigure.

If you have managed to lock yourself out both internally and externally then you will need to reset the gateway and start from scratch, if this is the case let me know and i'll dig out the reset procedure.

optimaltestAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much,
I'm internal user (in the LAN of the Edge)
My rule is Any to FW drop
optimaltestAuthor Commented:
No answe
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