how to recover Windows Live Messenger history from folder "MessengerCache" ?

I have a windows xp pro that crashed and needs to be reinstalled.

i was able to copy all the user files out of the machine before the format.

the user asked me if its possible to recover his Windows Live Messenger history.
He did not have the "automatically keep a history of my conversations" checked but i found the folder "MessengerCache" in the users temp folder with a few hundreds files in it...

is it possible to recover the history from this folder/files? and how?
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Since the user did not check the box to save the history of the conversations you most likely won't be able to recover it. The cache folder is not where the conversations would be saved. If the user selected that box to save the conversations they would have a choice as to where the conversations should be saved. They would display as .XML extensions that can be opened with Internet Explorer.

I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I don't think this user is going to be able to get their logs back since they never checked that box. Looking in the MessengerCache folder isn't going to really do you any good at all.

For the future, tell your client/user to do the following once the computer is formatted and back up and running:

1. Open your Windows Live Messenger(msn)
2. At the top on your toolbar please click on TOOLS
3. Click on OPTIONS
4. On the left hand side you will see Messages,CLICK
5. At the bottom you will see two boxes to be checked for messge history, check both boxes.

xnirAuthor Commented:
thanks, will make sure users will check the box to save the history of the conversations
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