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Mail Recall

Hi there
if i send a message to a user within my company and recall said message it deletes it from thire mailbox

If i send a recall to a user on the outside world the users gets a message saying user wants to recall the message....... and the original is left there.

Please help?
5 Solutions
What is it delivering to?
Makes sense as internally, it sits on the exchange server always whereas externally, it is sitting in someones PST file/someone elses exchange server/web host server etc

What it may do after accepting a recall is cross it out but I'm not sure

Could be wrong but that is what I would expect on an external email
Seanie_Author Commented:
hello i sent a test mail to someones mailbox on exchange and they get an email asking to recall and it does not delete the original message.
Internally this works perfectly.

when you say you sent a test mail to someones mailbox on exchange...is this on the same network?
Or are you saying you sent it from company A to company B thus a complete different exchange box?

To me, internally means sending an email from john@microsoft.com to peter@microsoft.com whereas externally, it means from john@microsoft.com to mike@google.com - the latter, I would not expect a recall and delete from server whereas the internal one, I would.
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Seanie_Author Commented:
yes from john@microsoft.com to peter@microsoft.com removes the message perfectly
john@microsoft.com to mike@google.com the user gets a recall message but the email is not removed.

Can you not recall mail to another company?
Recall does not delete the message sent to an external recepient. It will only send him a message saying that the User would like to recall this message. And after that it might put a cross sign on the original message sitting in the recepient's mailbox. I hope this helps.

For more info, check this link:
Thanks I couldnt find that link anywhere but thats what I am/was getting at
yeah - it's just not going to work the way you want it to with another messaging system - they just aren't designed to interact like that
Seanie_Author Commented:
Thanks for all yoru help
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