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Yosemite Backup - recomended??


Does anyone have any experience with Yosemite backup software for servers?

Need a good (not too expencive) solution for automated backup and good / easy restore.
Going to backup following servers:

2 DC
1 Exchange 2007
1 File
1 TS
1 App

Any pros/cons on Yosemite?
2 Solutions
My experience with Yosemite is not too good. Both times i have encountered Yosemite, it was not backing up properly, and even after contacting support they could not completly fix it. It would work for a few days, then stop backing up (services would lock-up/crash). Tried re-installing, to no avail.
If you want a cheap solution, use NTBACKUP. 100% free... SQL has it's own backup utility, and NTBACKUP will take care of everything else. Just backup to a NAS/SAN or share. You can couple that with Carbonite and you have a very cheap onsite and offsite backup.
Note: Carbonite has a very slow bandwidth which is why it's so cheap. If you want an Enterprise Class online solution, use Mozy.
Another free backup software is Cobian. Works better than Yosemite IMO.

If you want a good backup software, go with BackupExec or Acronis.
Sai Prasad KinneraSupport Delivery ManagerCommented:
never used yosomite personally but would suggest to go with ca arcserve software, which is more reliable, user friendly and not expensive and support is good as well.

all you need is to get license for 1 backup manager, one license for SQL agent, one for Exchange agent and the rest client agents.

hope this helps
I think Yosemite Backup is a good product if you want a cheap and simple backup solution.

I would not use Yosemite Backup in a configuration with a standalone tape drive where you want a complex rotation of Full/Incr/Diff backups, with different weekly, monthly, yearly backups. The rotation you would have to set up for this is done poorly in my opinion. The way Yosemite Backup implements rotations is very unforgiving if you forget to change a tape for example.
However if you have a tape library or if you only do the same full backups every day, this isn't a problem.

To my knowledge the latest version of Yosemite Backup also still doesn't allow you to restore Exchange to the Recovery Storage Group. This is a major drawback if you want to be able to restore individual emails or mailboxes. The only way to achieve this would be to take the live Exchange production down.

One last problem with Yosemite Backup I come across more often is that the database gets corrupted. However a frequent database backups guards against that.

The advantage with Yosemite Backup is that it's so easy. You don't have loads of different screens to configure the product, with options you hardly understand if you're not very familiar with backup products.

So I would recommend Yosemite Backup as a good and cheap solution if you don't want Yosemite Backup to manage a tape rotation, you don't want to restore individual Exchange mailboxes and you make sure to back up the Yosemite database every day so you can restore if it gets corrupted.
I need some expert advise here. I am trying to restore data here from my monthly set-1 back up.

I have selected the folders I want to restore and moved the files to a new folder created in different drive: But once I run the job, it says "Error:1414 The current data needed is on different media".

Which I don't understand because all the files are in the this tape??

Also when I try to put different tape it gives error 1416: the media in the device need to be changed:

There is something which I am doing wrong:
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