SQL Server Agent fails to start with error 103

I am running SQL Server 2005 standard as a 'play'\learning' instance on my laptop.
The SQL service and Agent services start in the context of the local system account. All services are running except the agent which will not start and I can connect the SQL server through SSMS -
In event viewer the returned error is 103. I cannot find reference to error 103 in BOL or on the WEB. Full message text below.
Also I cannot get access to SQL server logs.
MSDB seems to be OK
Can't think of anything else to report.

Any ideas. Thanks
SQLServerAgent could not be started (reason: Unable to connect to server 'HOME-LAP01\HOMETST01'; SQLServerAgent cannot start).

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I would make sure that the SQLSERVERAGENT Service has a valid login.

If currently LocalSystem you need to ensure that BUILTIN\Administrators has access to SQL, may not by default as you are on a named instance.
If it's another account then that account must have SQL access.

See here:  http://kbalertz.com/237604/Server-Agent-start-displays-error-18456.aspx
DavidHannenAuthor Commented:
Thanks both. This is clearly a permission issue. I have got the agent running by changing the security context for the agent to my local login - which is an administrator account.

But I am still confused.

If the Agent is set to start in the context of the Local System account along with the SQL server service and the Builtin\Administrators account is an active Login wthin the instance - confirmed as sysAdmin. What issues are stopping the ASgent service running in that context?

I thought I was getting to grips with SQL server security as a relative newbie - but perhaps not!!!!


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MS SQL and AGENT both are different services, it totally depends on how you have configured those while installation and what user with which rights you have assigned to those services.
Maybe Local System is not able to 'log on as a service'

But if it works for the SQL service then this is probably not the case.
DavidHannenAuthor Commented:

I am aware that they are seperate sevices, but logic suggests that if both services log on as Local system, and builtin\administrator is present with sysadmin priviledges on the instance, then how can one service be able to log in with the account and the other not?

As soon as I changed the login account for the agent to my own administrator account on the machine, the service started fine. This is the bit I do not understand!

(NB. this a local learning install of SQL server, with no 'real' apps on it and no exposure to any other users other than myself, hence odd account for service - i'm just sussing things out here :-) )
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