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How to direct URL to one or other of two web servers on one LAN

I have a domain which points to my routers IP address and which then is directed to a static IP address on one of the PCs on my LAN which is a web server (actually a webcam).

I have added a second PC as a separate web server on the LAN on a separate static IP address.  My routers configuration enables me to direct incoming traffic to a static address, and appears to enable additional addresses in descending order of priority.

Say I want a URL like www.mydomain.com/webcam to be directed to my static IP webcam, but www.mydomain.com/myotherserver to be directed to a separate static IP PC on the LAN.  I am not sure how to configure this.

At the moment www.mydomain.com is directed to the first-named static IP address in the router configuration, and any other entries are ignored.

Hope I am explaining the problem.  Hope you can help.
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1 Solution
I am assuming that you only have one public IP.  What kind of a router do you have?
In additon, look into a reverse proxy server such as squid to do what you are wanting
BloodruleAuthor Commented:
I have a Netgear Prosafe 802.11g Wireless VPN Firewall router and only one public IP.
You are going to have to look at using a reverse proxy such as squid to achieve what you are wanting to do.  

Squid is relatively easy to set-up to achieve your desired result.


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