GDIPLUS.DLL Error prevents repair of Microsoft Office applications

Some of my Microsoft Office XP SP3 applications (Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint, OneNote) refuse to start, giving a 'Not enough memory error'. They will not start in Safe Mode either (although if I restart Windows in Safe Mode, I can run them normally). When I accept the option to Repair and insert the appropriate Office CD, the repair installation proceeds for a few seconds and then halts with an Error 1326. Error Getting File security. C:\Progam Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\GDIPLUS.DLL GetLastError: 5
The same occurs separately with the main Office XP Professional installation CD and for the separate OneNote CD.
Meanwhile, Word, Outlook and Access appear to be unaffected and all other applications are working normally.
I am reluctant to remove and reinstall Office completely in case the same happens when I try to reinstall it.
Any suggestions would be hugely welcomed.
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MikeGatehouseAuthor Commented:
Thanks for helpful suggestions. The bizarre thing is that the problem resolved itself. I was continuing with other work and, without thinking, clicked a shortcut to an Excel spreadsheet which I use for logging things. Windows Installer came up, after a while demanded the Office XP Pro CD and, to my surprise, successfully completed the repair installation without giving the GDIPLUS.DLL error. Since when Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and OneNote have all resumed normal functioning.

The only explanations I can think of are:
* one of the background processes which is regularly updated (e.g. Outpost Security Suite, which updates itself several times a day) had a glitch which was removed by a subsequent background update.
* one of the several changes I made to the Startup configuration (I use Startup Organizer) removed the problem application (although at the time I made them, none of these changes appeared to work, even after a reboot)
* conceivably the large photo .jpg I was using as wall-paper was causing a problem (this used to happen years ago on PCs with small RAM, but shouldn't happen on my 3Gb system). I removed it pro tem and reverted to a no-wallpaper desktop.

Who knows? It's a mystery. Meanwhile, I'm just grateful to be back to normal working.
Error:5 is basically access denied..
Can you copy the contents of the CD onto the HDD and run the install ?
i uninstalled office 2010 on win7 os running on acer aspire 5920;120g hd, 2g ram. when reinstalling 2010 or 2007, i get error 1326 with getlasterror 5. please advise how i reinstall 2010 or 2007.
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