What is an IPC Server?

What is an IPC server. This comes from documents in an industrial machine automation system which has client/sever based HMI or human machine interface.
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Industrial Process Control(ler) possibly. Or it might just be Industrial PC - Industrial Personal Computer = ruggedised PC or rackmount server.
Interprocess communication (IPC) allows bidirectional communication between clients and servers using distributed applications. IPC is a mechanism used by programs and multi-user processes. IPCs allow concurrently running tasks to communicate between themselves on a local computer or between the local computer and a remote computer.
Strangely enough one of our salsmen has asked me about rugged PCs for a car workshop. We don't deal with such things but I Googled and came up with http://www.amplicon.co.uk/IPC/product/Panel-Senses-3885.cfm I don't endorse this product (I haven't played with one) but note the acronym "IPC" in the URL...
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