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New SQL Server 2008 System Environment

We are taking new SQL server 2008 to use. There will be arround 10 intances and 100 users. This server have two quad core processors and 18Gb memory.

Do you think that RAID 5 (15k drives) would be enough or should i use RAID 0+1 (i would save quite much drives if i use RAID5?

How about volumes.OS would have own volume of course. How about other volumes. Is it ok to install all intances in one volume or what would be the best practize?
1 Solution
Split data, log and tempdb.  RAID 10 is the most costly on disk for a reason.  It performs the best.  10 instances and 100 users is NOT a lot and RAID 5 would probably be OK (IMO).
Best bet is to invest in the performance solution off the bat rather than trying to do it post production and after problems.
2 disk Raid 1 for OS, another 2 disk Raid 1 for logs, another 2 disk raid 1 for data, or a 3 disk Raid 5 for the data.

Depending on the budget. Also, there is another question similar to this on EE. Check out:


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