OPENROWSET leaves open ODBC connections


I'm using SQL 2000.  Our company uses OPENROWSET extensivelly to connect, via ODBC, to another database system (Advantage Database should it matter).

The problem is, over time open connections will build up to this database, because they are never being closed.  I'm talking tens of thousands!

Eventually, the Advantage database will lock up and not allow any more connections.  The only way to quickly clear these is to stop/start sql server/agent.  I'd rather not have to do this since it affects everyone in the company.

Is there another way to diagnose the open ODBC connections on my SQL Server computer, and if possible manually close/kill them when this issue occurs.

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well in that case, I don't think so anybody will able to find direct automise solution for your problem as long as I know.
what SP your server has? SP4 may resolve your issue.
raterusAuthor Commented:
Sorry, we are running SP4 already
raterusAuthor Commented:
I've resigned myself to the fact the problem is going to occur, I just want a better way to clear out these connections than to restart sql server.
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