Canon Imagerunner 5020 has no UFR driver - any alternatives?

We have a Canon Imagerunner 5020i in the building and for some reason the past several weeks printing to it has reduced to a crawl. I read up that new UFR drivers released by Canon can help with printing, especially PDF's. For some reason Canon did not release this driver for this specific model. Does anyone know if drivers for another model would work for it? Basically we have tried PCL5e/PCL6/PS and all of them still print slow (1 page every 15-20 seconds and it takes 20 minutes to actually send the document to the printer). We've tried with other Imagerunners in the building, same response.
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danielevans83Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Turns out it was Adobe Reader 9. Apparently it is "just not ready yet". Rolled back to version 8 and PDFs are printing normally again.
if all the IRs in your building are printing slowly, i would look into the network and not the printers.

just to test whether the printer/driver is at fault, connect a laptop/computer using a LAN cross-cable, and send about 100 pages of data. spoooling and RIPping time aside, printing should complete under 120 seconds.

do let us know.

glad this got solved!
danielevans83Author Commented:
Also a combination of making sure we were using PCL5e driver that was the latest version. PCL6 and PS both printed slow as well. Thanks for the suggestions, I did try that with my laptop and that what was led me to believe the copier/network was fine. :)
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