Setting up Presentation 4.5 server to work with citrix reciever on iphone

Only read this top portion is you need to know what environment I'm in - question below
One domain controller/file server, two terminal servers/citrix servers, one exchange server.  All the servers are running windows server 2003 32bit, all the workstations are running windows xp pro.  Citirx is setup with a farm and applcations are published to users desktops.

Question ....
I need help configuring my presentation 4.5 server so it will allow me to use citrix receiver on the iphones ....
From what I understand I need to enable XenApp Plug-in connections on the XenApp Server and the website says to do this with the following steps ................ web interface, create site, xenapp services, leave default - next screen, verify settings, now site is created, check box for configure site now, need farm information , add fail over servers, port 80 - http, next, keep resource type at remote, verify settings, click finish, perform advanced configuration, right click on site, modify farm settings - change the dmz settings - configure authenication methods, Then just setup xenapp clients (machines or mobile devices) and start connecting.

My problem is I already have a site setup under web interface and users connect to and then they can connect to all there apps from the citrix web interface.  So I am a bit confused on what the best way is for me to enable XenApp Plug-in connections on the citrix server since I already have a web site setup do I modify the settings.  I attached a screen shot of my current setup so if you can walk me through the steps of getting this setup with my current configuration that would be great ... thank you

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pfcjokerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like you are already configured (and looks good from the screenshot), you should be able to use your existing web site to access Citrix apps from the iPhone.

Is it not working? What error messages are you getting?
Jay5990Author Commented:
Maybe I'm entering the wrong information.  When I am on the wireless network that can connect to the citrix server this is what I type in the phone.

http://10.10.3.x (internal ip address of website - what you get if you ping
my username
my password
my domain name

I'm not on the internal network right now but I can try it Monday morning and see what the error message is that comes up.
Oh so this isn't an already existing extnernal Citrix configuration?

My guess is that it will need to be because unlike a blackberry with it's internal connection though BES an iphone's browser is going to be considered an external client (unless you are connected to internal network using the WI-FI features of the iphone).

Now if you are internal (like I am guessing from the fact that you do get the website and prompt to login) then what happens when you type your credentials and login? does it display an error? what about on the Web interface server is there any corresponding errors?
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Jay5990Author Commented:
The citrix web interface is setup to be accessed externally.  Through and if you ping externally you get the external ip address.  Everything works fine with the citrix web interface.  The citrix receiver for the iphone will not work externally.  It will only work that way if you vpn in to your network first.  I am testing to make sure I can get the citrix receiver for the iphone working internally on the wireless through the iphone and the wireless is on the same network as the servers.  I don't know if I can modify the website I already have or if I need to setup a seperate website to make it work on the iphone.  Take a look at this link and watch this 3 minute video. 

After you watch the video if you click on support forum on the right you can see others trying to get this to work in there environments.  It says something about connecting to a pnagent.  
Jay5990Author Commented:
The message I receive when I try to use the citrix receiver on the wireless network says - "the address provided did not find a valid app list"
Jay5990Author Commented:
I have the PNAgent site set up now and I purchased an SSL certificate.  I have the citrix receiver working on the iphone now and it pulls up the citrix applications on the iphone now.  When I pull up an application on the iphone and the go to the main screen and pull up another application on the iphone it starts a new session on the terminal server.  How do I get session sharing to work with the applications when I bring them up on the iphone?

Session sharing is working when I pull application up using the citirx web interface.
Hey Jay,
I'm trying to do the same thing, in the same exact environment.   I have setup a PNAgent site, but how do I get the SSL cert and install it?  Any help would be appreciated.  I can even hire you if you want.  Thanks.
Jay5990Author Commented:

Go to and sign up for ssl cert.  This was least expensive way I found and you can purchase them for up to 5 years.  Once I got the ssl cert. everything worked.
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