How can I fix a corrupted pst file?

I have a 200+ mb PST file that is corrupted.  Even after running the PST fix tool from Microsoft, when I open it in Outlook, it is empty.
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BigBadWolf_000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, so first we are gonna deliberately corrupt a copy of your PST file and then see if scanpst.exe will fix it.

Copy the original PST to another location/folder (so you dont accidently mess up)
Rename is to tempbak.pst
Download and install a free hex editor - any one you prefer
(I use 'Hex Editor Neo' at )

Open the copy tempbak.pst in hex editor
(see image to understand, what I mean by 'middle section' and 'right section')
See "before" image

In middle section...
Select the value in row 1 column 07

The corrosponding character will be selected in the right section
Click on the character (in right section) to select it
Press the space key seven times
[You will be replacing values row-one in column 07, 08, 09, 0a, 0b, 0c, 0d ....with value 20]
See "after" image

Save the file as newname.pst
Close hex editor

Now run scanpst.exe (should be in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11) on the newname.pst file. When done try opening the new repaired file in Outlook.

Hopefully this works, if not, the only other option is the commercial software recommended
above and keep ya fingers crossed. Always backup, backup, backup :D

Hello ahs_admin,

Run ScanPST until there is no error in PST. Then try to open it.

IF no joy, use Outlook Recovery Toolbox

Hope this helps!
What i current version of Outlook client?
In which version was the original PST created?

ahs_adminAuthor Commented:
Current Outook is 2003.  PST was most likely created in Outlook 2000.
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