Monitor event logs of all Windows Servers


I am currently using Groundwork/Nagios to monitor services, memory, cpu and disk useage of all servers.  I have looked at configuring this to monitor the Windows event logs but it isn't great.

Does anybody know of any free software to collate the event logs of all servers in a Central location?  I have over 100 Windows Servers to monitor.

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There are a number of free products out there but these will be limited to the number of servers you can monitor.  As you already use open source products, you could use the NTSyslog or Winlogd onto each of your servers that you want to monitor and then configure your data repository with syslog-ng with mysql as a backend (installing cygwin will allow you to run this as a service).
All you need then is some reporting functionality - there are plenty of web interfaces for searching syslogs out there...

Other than that, you could write some vbscript / powershell to export the contents of the event logs on a scheduled basis to MySql o r SQL - you'd just need to develop a reporting mechanism.

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