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How to impress my client to get onsite

How to impress my client to get onsite work chances for me, i am working as a software engineer and technical support activities.

Could you please advice in this case? Currently i am working in offshore india for a client company in UK
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2 Solutions

1.  Use Google to find job descriptions for the kind of position you are looking for.
For example, I used Google (searched for "software engineer" and "job description") and found the job descriptions at the following site:


look at a variety of links.

2.  See if the company you are interested in has posted any job descriptions for anything similar.

3.  Note the kind of education and job experience and skills that are usually required for the position you are seeking.

4.  See how you compare with these experiences and skills

(a) If you do meet some of these experiences and skills then write a short outline about yourself for each of these that tells a brief story of how fill these requirements.  You'll need to practice this for your interview.

(b) For those experiences and skills that you see in most job descriptions that you do not meet then write these down on a separate list.  Some of them you won't be able to meet.  For example, if they want 8 years of experience and you only have 3 years, or they want supervisory experience and you don't have that.  Sometimes you can get around these.  For example, if you have more years experience or supervision, but in a related position.  For other types of experience or skills that you don't have you might be able to increase your skills and knowledge by:

(i) study on-line articles/materials or take courses (so that you talk intelligently about it during the interview.
(ii) shifting the emphasis of your current work so that you actually gain the new experience
5.  Look at your lists and make the improvements you can make, and then only send resumes and interview for those positions where you really think you might be a good fit.
SmartestVEGAAuthor Commented:

i think ur confused

i am already in a job which i have onsite chances,
i am asking for how i can tune my current job the get the onsite opportunity asap

"Currently i am working in offshore india for a client company in UK"

"i am already in a job which i have onsite chances,"

"i am asking for how i can tune my current job the get the onsite opportunity asap"


1.  If there is description of the onsite job then your task is to be able to show how you will be a good fit to the onsite job, based on that description.

2.  If there is no description of the onsite job then you will have to create its equivalent from information you already know, or can acquire from others (either at your location or the client location).    Then your task is to be able to show how you will be a good fit to the onsite job, based on that description.

3.  If there are areas for which you need more experience or training then your next task is to obtain that experience or training before you are able to show how you are a good fit for that onsite job.

If this general outline doesn't answer your question then you need to tell us more information about the situation.
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Yes, there is a description of the on site job, i am one of the team of 3 members and my seniors 2 of them are in on site now. The work which i am handling is application management. To troubleshoot and maintain the applications which is already deployed in a huge retail company. This job involves calling the users in UK and asking what exact problem they are facing and troubleshooting the problem.Mostly the activites include troubleshooting of vba applications,.net website, auto cad issues etc etc....

Now, could you please precise how can i tune it better to get ONSITE?
I have the same problem as SmartestVEGA.. could anyone please comment on it?
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
It often depends on what the commitment from the client is. If they have to pay travel and accommodation then it becomes a bit more expense than simply and hourly rate. So, you need to position the advantages of being able to "touch" the site.

There are a few strategies available. If you are not concerned about initial collection of out of pocket expenses, then it is sometimes easier to "show" the benefits by masking a visit to their site in terms of "I will be in your area on such-and-such a date, and it would be opportune for me to stop by". Then be very good when you are actually on site. The next visit if often just a suggestion, and a reminder how very well it worked out last time (for all concerned). Difference this time is that the client needs to understand that there are a few more conditions than simply turning up, and you have to make very sure they understand that before anything happens.

It is really more a problem of positioning and managing customer expectation.

If there is a different style of "on site" opportunity, like a longer term contract, then you need to be able to deomstrate an improved productivity over time, and your ability to provide the appropriate skills and knowledge (leveraging off any current relationship) to become the better choice. To them, they need a very cost effective solution, and you need to demonstrate to them what those benefits can be.

If the "on site" opportunity is a change of career where you are seeking direct employment, then you do have to be careful. Mainly the preservation of existing corporate relationships that gave you the opportunity or exposue to that opportunity. So, the best way to go is to have a quiet chat with and appropriately senior representative of the client where you can freely express or register and interest in an opportunity that you have observed, and how enthusiastic, or privileged you would be if you were considered a viable candidate for such a position. And then you have either a voice that can express your possible candidacy on your behalf, or, feedback as to how it might be able to happen. This is probably the more difficult to manage because of all the possible impacts on the current corporate relationship.

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