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Hi All
I am having issues with a dell latitude D430 in a docking station with DVI to a Monitor and VGA to Transmitter that transmits to a Sony TV. Now the laptop does transmit picture to the Monitor and TV. However the Resolution on the TV screen is small and only covers half the TV screen.
I have tried changing the resolution on the laptop and also have scrolled through FN+F8  (crt/lcd)... i have tried my own laptop in the docking station (latitude D630) and this works fine.
Resolution is perfect both on monitor and TV Screen.

Are we looking at docking profile issue or a graphics card issue...etc?

Please help
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PCBONEZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to set the settings. Here's how.

It's possible that laptop simply doesn't support the full resolution of the Sony through VGA and it's sending the highest one it does support.
you have graphic card issue
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