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Convert GUID to String vb.net

Hi, We're reading a GUID out of our Active Directory but we need to convert it into a string to be stored as plain text.

I've tried converting it from a byte array, doing casting but nothing seems to work

Please help.
Dim b() As Byte
                        Dim utf As New System.Text.UTF7Encoding()
                        b = utf.GetBytes(result.Properties("msExchMailboxGuid")(0))
                        Dim s As String = utf.GetString(b)

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1 Solution
Try this:

Dim g as New Guid(bytes)
Dim s as String = g.ToString()

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Note: Guid.ToString() accepts an argument that changes the format of the result, if you want it any different from the standard display format of a GUID; see msdn for possible values.
manfredfieldAuthor Commented:
Hi Alex,

I'm get this now Error      

4      Overload resolution failed because no accessible 'New' can be called without a narrowing conversion:
    'Public Sub New(g As String)': Argument matching parameter 'g' narrows from 'Object' to 'String'.
    'Public Sub New(b() As Byte)': Argument matching parameter 'b' narrows from 'Object' to '1-dimensional array of Byte'.      C:\Development Projects\Projects\Active Directory Sync\Active Directory Sync\Form1.vb      338      29      Active Directory Sync
I have no idea what exactly your object is; go into debug mode and inspect the variable, then cast it to the underlying type before creating the Guid, probably like this:
Dim g as New Guid(DirectCast(o, Byte()))

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