How to identify what machines are using the most of your internet connection - Cisco ASA

What software solutions out there would provide us real-time information about what machines are consuming the most of our bandwidth in real time.  We are having spikes in usage lately and we haven't been able to identify who is using the most of our bandwidth.  Is there a tool to use with a Cisco ASA to give us a view of what machines are pulling how much data through our internet connection?
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If you are using ASA 5580, it supports netflow 9 which provides extensive details on top talkers, etc...


Go to ASDM - Home - Firewall Dashboard and enable threat detection or enter the lines

threat-detection basic-threat
threat-detection statistics

You'll then have a Top 10 Usage Status Graph that you can use to view Bytes Transferred in last few hours.
If you want to monitor individual machines first you have to enable snmp on the machines and then you can use solarwinds NPM to monitor all their bandwidths even their total transfered traffic daily or hourly.
If you have a managed switch, I'd recommend Ntop.  It gives very detailed traffic analysis for being free
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Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

It would be nice if your ASA supports Netflow. Then you can use any of the Netflow Analyzers to check the per IP per protocol details;

SolarWinds NetFlow Analyzer      NetFlow/SFlow
Scrutinizer NetFlow/Sflow Analyzer      NetFlow/SFlow
Caligare Flow Inspector      NetFlow/SFlow
PRTG      NetFlow/RRDTool
Adventnet Netflow Analyzer      NetFlow

If it does not then you may try out Nprobe; 

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tc100yearsAuthor Commented:
Does anybody know if an ASA 5520 supports NetFlow?
tc100yearsAuthor Commented:
It appears it does if you upgrade the ASA software to 8.2.  Thanks for all of your answers, they've been helpful.  
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