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CRM User Problem

Hello all,
I have a user that cant enter data into a custom attribute on a form that we created. I set it up as a bussiness required requirement level and the type is a lookup. So I would assume that she could not even exit the form with out that field filled out, but she can.

It is only under her profile that this is happening. Everyone else is just fine. I even changed her roles to match her supervisors to test and see if that was the problem. It did not help as well. I also thought if i were to reassign all her records and then disable and reenable her account that this would help. No luck.

This is a field that has to be filled out, our CEO wants his reports to include the field which is called Lead Source.

Any ideas?
Thanks Troy
1 Solution
Given everything else that you've tried, I'm a little stumped on this one.  The only thing I can think of is that either there is some custom script (probably in the form OnLoad event) that is causing this to happen, or that there is something unusual about how this individual's PC is configured.  A few things to try out:
(1) See if the user can login, using his/her credentials, on a different machine that you know is working for another user - see if the problem persists.  If so, then it is likely something specific with her machine (likely an IE setting somewhere).  If so, clear the cache on her IE and try again.  If that still doesn't work, then check all the other settings for the user to see if they're consistent with other user's IE settings.
* Is the CRM site in the Trusted Zone
* Is popup blocking disabled?
(2) Open the form OnLoad event and review it.  See if there are any functions that have anything to do with that specific field within this event.  If so, try commenting them out.  If not, then open the event for the field itself and see if there are any events associated with it.
(3) Make sure that the user has a Security Role that allows permissions to append/append to the custom entity.  If you tested the System Admin role for this user (and shutdown / restarted the user's PC before testing) and still had the problem, then I don't expect this will work - but it's a thought.
troy93955Author Commented:
You are a Master..thank you. It was the append to custome attributes tab in Roles.

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