Manually update Proactive Threat Protection (Endpoint)

I am currently running Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and clients on a disconnected network. I am able to successfully manually update the Anti-Virus defs, but the Proactive Threat Protection is disabled, stating that it is unable to update itself. I have read that to properly update, it must use the LiveUpdate, which requires an internet connection.

Has anyone found a successful way to *manually* update this service, or should I disable it from my clients?
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powellchristopherAuthor Commented:
I am not sure if I completely explained the problem. Its not that the PTP will not update, its that there is no internet connection to download the updates. For the virus defs, I am able to download up-to-date defs from ,burn them to a cd, carry them to the server, manually install them to the server and push them out the clients. I am required to do this daily.

This process does not update the PTP and I am unable to find if/where Symantec releases up-to-date PTP definitions.
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