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Blackberry Professional Software in a Exchange 2007 environment.

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: BlackBerry Messaging Agent BPS Agent 1
Event Category: None
Event ID: 20501
Date: 08/04/2009
Time: 8:54:36 AM
User: N/A
Computer: BPS
{user@email.com} MsgMemStateDb::AddMessageState - EntryId is invalid

I have seen a few questions, buy no answers to why I am getting many of these messages. Everything "seems" fine though. User gets emails, nothing seems to be missing. I just get a bunch of these from what seems to be when a message gets passed though the BPServer
Found in BPS_MAGT_01.txt
[40000] (04/08 15:17:15.446):{0x10EC} [BIPP] PingResponse 1534 received
[40423] (04/08 15:18:00.915):{0x1088} {user@myemail.com} Queuing new mail through notification (external). EntryId=16979
[40724] (04/08 15:18:00.915):{0x111C} {user@myemail.com} Get record key for this MAPI object, EntryId=16979
[40435] (04/08 15:18:00.915):{0x111C} {user@myemail.com} Queuing new mail through notification. EntryId=16979. Msgs Pending 0
[30085] (04/08 15:18:00.915):{0x111C} {user@myemail.com} New mail has arrived, EntryId=16979
[20501] (04/08 15:18:00.915):{0x111C} {user@myemail.com} MsgMemStateDb::AddMessageState - EntryId is invalid
[40287] (04/08 15:18:00.931):{0x111C} {user@myemail.com} Queuing message, RefId=-2139227383, EntryId=16979, Posted=04/08 15:18:00, Delivered=04/08 15:18:00
[30066] (04/08 15:18:00.931):{0x111C} Total Msgs Pending 1
[30081] (04/08 15:18:00.946):{0x111C} {user@myemail.com} Sending message to device, size=520, EntryId=16979, RefId=-2139227383, TransactionId=-908362632, Tag=555
[40279] (04/08 15:18:00.946):{0x111C} {user@myemail.com} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=555
[40000] (04/08 15:18:00.946):{0x10F0} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=555
[40000] (04/08 15:18:04.056):{0x10EC} [BIPP] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=555
[30097] (04/08 15:18:04.056):{0x111C} {user@myemail.com} Message has been delivered to device, Tag=555, EntryId=16979

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Gary CutriData & Communications Specialist

Hi, just start the BlackBerry Database Consistency Service on the BES (its disabled by default).  Also turn on Hard Delete reconciliation by following these steps below:

1. Open the BlackBerry Professional Manager.
2. Select the Home tab.
3. Click Server Properties.
4. Select Messaging.
5. Set Hard Deletes Reconciliation to True.

Once this is done restart the server when possible and if the error still occurs we can run a "dbcc checkdb" on the database to see if any tables are corrupt.


That did not work.
So I found out what is not working.
Messages are not getting marked as read, this is a must have feature... lots of fun
Any solution on this one?


I got the messages to mostly work (sometimes they are slow) by wiping the device and re-activating it.
But I am still getting the messages.

On the outlook side I am also getting a lot of Sync Issues - Conflicts

I called Blackberry directly and they said don't worry...

The sync issues I had in Outlook were due to using cached mode, turn that off and the sync errors go away.

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