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I purchased a trial version of Exchange 2007 and populated it with users for a SharePoinr site thinking I could turn the license, but licensed version of exchange 2007 only comes in a 64 bit version whereas the trial comes in 32 bit version. We have a 32 bit machine and therefore we cannot purchase the licensed version of exchange 2007 and instead have to purchase Exchange 2003.

1) Can I uninstall 2007 and reinstall 2003 while preserving user names and passwords or have I essentially lost everything?

2) In regard to Sharepoint, could I restore the site once Exchange 2003 has been installed?

OS is windows 2008 32 bit machine
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BrainstormerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, they are part of Active Directory. As long as you do not mess that up the username/password information will stay. Exchange does not handle that information.
The users do not reside in Exchnge but in AD.

Export the mailboxes via Exmerge
Remove Exchange
Install new Exchange
Import via exmerge

BobHavertyComhAuthor Commented:
What about the difference in how mail user info is stored between 2003 and 2007? In 2003, mail info is part of the AD user profile. In 2007, mail info is now a separate entry in the exchange management console. So in 2007, you create the user first in AD and then assign mail properties in exchange management, rather than setting them all at once in AD as is the case with 2003.

I'm guessing or hoping that AD will simply have no mail info for any users and then I could add that info in AD. Would that be correct?
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

Most likely the only info about emails in AD will be the email address of each person/group. Everything else you will need to recreate manually, such as providing users with mailboxes, making distribution groups, etc...

BobHavertyComhAuthor Commented:
But the user names and passwords will survive the uninstall of 2007 and the install of 2003? I don't care about re-entering email addresses if I have to, I care about people's passwords having to be reset and asking them to reset them. So it looks like I don't even need ex merge as long as I am willing to re-enter email info?
BobHavertyComhAuthor Commented:
Thanks Brainstormer. There's only 15 users, so it looks like I'll just re add the email info manually. No biggie.
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