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Hosting static website for my company [Apache vs. IIS 6]

Hi All,

Just a quick question, If I'd like to host my static HTML website, which web server  that is suitable and robust ?


Apache - Solaris
IIS 6 - Win2k3 Web Server Ed.

any comment or suggestion please ?

3 Solutions
Apache - Solaris
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

I would actually say it depends on which you're most able to look after. Although if you know both well then I'd have to agree with Jadriano.

I've seen some really exceptionally messy (and compromised) Unix servers, caused by lack of proper care. No point in installing an fumbling along in an OS you know little about if it's to run a public service.

if you know very well apache and Solaris then Go for apache Solaris,
if you know very well IIS then do it with IIS

i agree with @Chris-Dent
you should implement what you are comfortable with.
because installing apache or IIs is not a big issue, problem is, patching, keep it secure, keep monitoring, if any problem , how to solve.

but i will have to say onething, Solaris or linux base system is more secure and reliable then Windows system.

if I dont have enogh ram and high performance system, then i will go for linux becuse linux can ran with very minimum system configuration ... but windows you need certain ammount of memory for the OS

bottom line is, chose what ever you feel comfortable with
jjozAuthor Commented:

It seems that I shall go with the Solaris - Apache solution as it can run under very minimal hardware config. :-)

Thanks to all for your response.
jjozAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot for your opinion.
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