Disable BCC Feature On Lotus Notes 7

In 6.5 we had the BCC field disabled so users could not see or use it - since upgrading to version 7 that field is available to them again - how do I disable it on the server?
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If you want everyone to see the modification in their mail boxes edit the template.
After the job is done replace design of your mail db and you'll see the changes immediately. Other users will see the changes tomorrow morning (if designer task is active).

If you only want that for yourself then do it on your mail db.
When you finish testing, close the forms and open design element properties (right click on form in the list of forms in Designer) and select option that says something like "Prohibit refresh or replace to modify" (this is to prevent design refresh by Designer task that runs every night).

As I said, it's not in form properties but in text or field properties (right-click besides the field and select Text properties).

Ask if you bump into problems...

BTW, you've sent 4MB large file for one image. Please use gif or jpeg instead from now on.
Use Domino Designer and hide the field (text or field properties of the paragraph, fourth tab - "Hide paragraph from" - check all three check-boxes) on following forms:
Reply with history

You'll have to hide:
 - gray table - cell in which is label "bcc"
 - cell next to it on the right, where BlindCopyTo field is
 - there is a white table bellow the gray one, do the same thing  (but here you have to hide both fields in the cell)

Ask if you get stuck...
TSB14883Author Commented:
So I select the Mail template as the database to edit I am guessing, correct?

Under form properties, for display I have a check box that says "include in menu" - this where I should be making the changes (uncheck box) to hide the BCC field? See attached file.

Thanks for the help!

TSB14883Author Commented:
Will give that a try, thank you. Sorry about the file size.
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