What is the purpose of osql.exe


     What is the purpose of osql.exe? I thought it was just a tool that an admin would use to access an Oracle instance data. I am trying to figure out if osql.exe is needed on a system where no user interaction is performed on the database(no development). Is it needed when a user fills out a form and the data from that form is sent to the Oracle db using the osql.exe functions?

Thanks! MissyMadi
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there's no reason to have osql.exe for oracle itself. maybe if you have other microsoft products that have some dependency but oracle won't need it.

I would use sqlplus, not osql

I'm not sure how your example illustrates your use of osql.exe
your example sounds like you are using sqlplus.exe

has someone renamed sqlplus.exe to osql.exe?  maybe it's that simple.
where are you seeing osql.exe?

I'm familiar with it as a sql server tool, but have not used it for Oracle.  Are you sure it is an oracle tool?  what is the path for it?
missymadiAuthor Commented:
I believe it's Microsofts tool but I use it to access an Oracle 10g db.
I use osql.exe tool to access an Oracle (actually 3) instances. For example, to log onto one of the db's at the DOS command prompt I enter C:\set ORACLE_SID=test         then enter sqlplus. Next I get flagged for a username and password where I log in and get to SQL>
Then I start entering whatever commands I need to (select, drop etc)  to the Oracle data base. If I use the GUI to access the instances I  use Enterprise Manager.

My question is, if no one is manually editing on the back end of the database (entering Select statments etc) does the osql.exe tool need to be present? Would osql.exe need to be present on a system where a user enters data on a GUI ( like a form) where when they hit the save button the data gets saved to an Oracle db?
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