ASP.NET - add tooltips to GridView

I've got a situation where I'm binding a DataTable to a GridView.  In the resulting table are a bunch of scores and for each score in the table I need there to be a tooltip displayed on hover that shows that date of that score.

What I tried to do was to edit the DataTable that I was binding to the GridView control so that each field with score text was changed to have the text surrounded with a span tag which had a title of the date.  The result of this effort was that the entire span tag was printed out in the table cell.

Is there anyway to configure the GridView so that it doesn't encode the characters < and > to &lt; and &gt; when the control renders?

Or is there any other way to get at what I'm trying to do?
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Refer below example (to display a single information)
In your HeaderText, do this:

HeaderText="<span title='Document Size'>Size</span>"

Here's it is in context:

<asp:BoundColumn DataField="DocS" HeaderText="<span title='Document Size'>Size</span>" > 
Look at the demo here :
If you wna to do same as demo refer link :
Also by web services, this is possible Refer
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