Using Outlook Calandar as a Resource.


We use meeting rooms as  a resource (As I presume many of you do) to allow people to book meeting rooms via there Outlook Calandar when scheduling meetings.

We have had a user access a meeting room calandar directly and book a private appointment.  Because the meeting has been booked as Private no one can see who has booked the room.

1)      I need to know who has booked it.
2)      I need to stop this happening in the future.

We dont mind people viewing the meeting room calandars directly but they must not be able to book them directly.

What permisions should I have on the meeting room mailbox that will allow people to view and book meeting rooms as a resourcethrough their Outlook when scheduling a meeting but not be able to edit / book the meeting by directly opening the meeting room calandar via Outlook Calandar, File > Open other Peoples Folder > Calandar.

Can anyone help please?

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There are ways to figure this out.

How to determine who created an appointment in a shared calendar:
You Can View Private Appointments in Another User's Calendar

Good hunting
David LeeCommented:
Hi, cmiadmin.

You'll have to change your resource management method if you want to preclude the possibility of staff adding appointments directly to the calendar.  The method you are using now is called "direct booking".  This method requires that you give all staff the organizer role.  That allows them to add to the calendar directly.  You cannot prevent it.  The solution is to use Microsoft's Auto Accept Agent.  Here's a Microsoft article that describes that advantages and disadvantages of each approach.
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