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advise on showing 30 random questions

Hello Experts,

I have a situation where I need to show random 30 questions out of total 50 for the customer service guys to process the paper test received from the customers.

Currently I have online test functionality(asp.net) on the website which allows customers to do the test online and submit the results to the database, everything so far seems to be working just fine.

Now, we also want to allow users to do paper test for off line customers; ie. the customer can buy a product and opt to do a paper test, we can send them the test in paper with 30 possible random questions to complete and send us back. We can debate that people can cheat but that is completely separate topic.

Once they send us the completed 30 question test sheets, one of of the guys from the customer service section would go the admin side of the website and mark the test so that it can be saved to the database.

The point where I am confused and would greatly appreciate if someone can help or advise me the best way to show the same set of 30 questions which are on the paper sheet, because they are random questions how can i make sure that when the CS guy want to mark the test he sees the same set of questions on the admin screen.

I probably have not explained it well but I hope someone may understand what I am trying to say you here.

Any help/advise/suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

1 Solution
You could write the selected random questions to a new table.  Include the date as well, so you can track when they were selected.
newbie27Author Commented:
hi there,

thanks for your input.

basically you mean is to store the order of 30 questions into the table along with the date/TestID first time when they get printed to the paper....

so that next time when we want to mark the test on the system, we can then pull the order agains the given TestID(which always remain unique)...

ok i think i am following your point here...

please can you now advise in what format i should be saving this data into the table?

i mean how many columns etc...

your help is much appreciated...


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