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Why is nslookup giving me the wrong IP Address for a computer in my domain?

I have a machine that I know the ip address of.
When I do a nslookup on the IP address is comes up with the correct computer.
But, when I do an nslookup on the computer, it comes up with a completely different IP address.

This has happened with multiple computers recently.
Does anyone have any idea as to what may be causing this?
1 Solution
What are you using for DNS, i.e. what is your DNS server?

Do these PC's have multiple connections? i.e. A wired and wireless connection?
Ensure that the DHCP Client service is started on the machines, even if their IPs are hard-set.  Somewhat counterintuitively, this (not the DNS Client service) is used to update Dynamic DNS.

Are the same DNS servers set on the problem machines as on yours?

If the A record was created by a different machine or by the DHCP server and Allow only secure dynamic updates is set on the DNS zone then the workstation may not have permissions to overwrite it.  In this case you'll have to manually delete the record on the DNS server and let the workstation re-create it.

Run ipconfig /registerdns on the workstation to force registration.
I would delete the record for the machine in DNS forward lookup zone and then create a new one with the new Ip address.
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