How to I configure Cisco 1841 to allow ftp downloads?

Internall my ftp site works fine.  When I try to download a file externally I receive the following message:  Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded.  I thought I had set up port forwarding correctly because I can at least see the site but I don't know how to configure the Cisco to allow downloading.  I am trying to set this up through the web interface because I don't know Cisco.  I might even be overly cautious because I don't want to mess up the firewall.  Thanks!  
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That error sounds more like an internet explorer issue... (can you add the site you are downloading from to the trusted sites in IE?)
rodelzAuthor Commented:
That seemed to work.  What's weird is I have tried to use Filezilla also and still couldn't download.  However I just installed Coreftp and it worked fine.  Obviously there is a difference between ftp clients.
Would like to start a discussion of this because I don't quite get it but I know this isn't the place.  Maybe a difference between passive and active mode?  Anyway thanks!
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