Sonicwall 2040 IPS is slowing down connection

I have a Sonicwall 2040 and we recently upgraded our connection to 20/2.  Unfortunately it runs consistently at 8.6 down - before the upgrade and after.  I bypassed the firewall and had excellent connection speeds, so after troubleshooting further it appears the intrusion protection settings on the 2040 are the issue.  I'm not keen on turning off IPS, are there any recommendations for an alternate resolution?  We have a private server that is accessed by a few employees, but they do not have static IP addresses.

Any thoughts you have on getting what we pay for on the internet speed without compromising our security would be much appreciated.  Thanks!!

Hello?  Is this thing on?  Anyone?
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The problem with any deep-packet-inspection service is it HAS to spend more time over each packet than a plain packet-filter.

Sadly, the first generation of Sonicwalls to include DPI filters (IDP, Gateway A/V, etc.) didn't really have the CPU grunt to do it justice.

Even on the current generation, which have much faster CPUs , you'll note ( ) that they explicitly quote thoughput figures with just "stateful inspection" or full DPI, broken down by module.

I think it's fair to say you're getting what yuo can expect from the older model.  If you really need IDP, then consider upgrading to a newer model - familiar system but much faster CPU - and you can probably take advantage of the current "Secure Upgrade" program (ask your Sonicwall Partner) to get a discount against the older box.

bunnyzillaAuthor Commented:
Thank you - that all makes perfect sense!
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