Need a quick explination on $this = $that = $theotherthing = array ();

Been seeing something recently that I'm not quite clear on.  Could someone give me a quick explanation or link to where I can find out.. What is the code snippet doing and how might it be usefully?  I guess I'm just wondering how they all relate.
$this = $that = $theotherthing = array ();

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Hube02Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yup, you it. It could be useful if you want several variables to start with the same value. Minimalist coding...
That code would be the same as:

$theotherthing = array();
$that = $theotherthing;
$this = $that;

Just on a single line.
graphxdivaAuthor Commented:
Ok so just a quick version of..

$this = array();
$that = array();
$theotherthing = array();

in this case.  Thats what I figured but wasn't sure if it was building some kind of associative array.
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