Terminal Server going down

Have a huge issue with our terminal server

Yesterday people were working and the server was running fine and then all of a sudden all users got kicked out of the server.

It exhibited some very strange problems. You could ping the server but you could not connect to the server via RDP. You could type the unc path of the server and a window would pop up like it was going to work but it just did the flashlight thing looking for the folders. Also tried to go on our DC and manage the machine, you could type in the server name and the management would connect however if you clicked any of the plus boxes the manage window would freeze and you would have to end task.

Now when this happened yesterday we just reboot the server by holding in the power button and powering it back on and everything was fine thinking it was just a system blip. But today the same exact problem came up and we had to do the same thing.

Once we got the server back up I checked in the event viewer showed no errors out of the ordinary and I don't really know where to go from here because I don't know what to look at. This cannot happen we have client connecting to the terminal server at all hours of the day/night and this system cannot go own like this.

Any ideas would help a great bit.

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Do you have terminal printers redirected to clients. If so this might be the problem of your Spooler service. Terminal server goes down when ever the print spooler service is in hang status. In the services.msc pane it will show it is started and running, but in fact it turns in hang status because of lots of error printing status. If this is the exact problem you are facing simply do one thing to keep your spooler service running. Save the following code as restartspooler.bat

@echo off
net stop spooler
net start spooler

And schedule it to run at 20 or 30 minutes interval with schedule task.
kdog3445Author Commented:
That actually makes a lot of sense because there are a lot of people printing and there are printing errors alot of the time and we have gone on and seen printers stuck in a session that is no longer in use
kdog3445Author Commented:
Looks like that was the issues the server has did nto crash after i made the batch file.
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