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Dear experts,

I am trying to add a view to my Lotus notes to indicate when looking at my inbox which mail was sent to me, where i was CC'd or BCC'd.  Please let me know how I can do this. it was possible at my previous company using the same version of notes (6.5)

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If other suggestions don't work you'll have to do it the hard way.
I don't have Notes here installed so I'll just try from memory...

 - first check whether you have at least Designer access in your mail db. If yes...
 - ...open your mail file in Domino Designer (you'll have to install it if you don't have it. Or ask developer to do this for you)
 - create new column in your Inbox folder

Column Properties box:
 - select the column property "Display values as icons"
 - set "Width" to 2
 - select the option "Click on column header to sort" and choose "Both"

 - set the column formula:
          @If( @Name( [CN]; CopyTo ) = "YourFirstName YourLastName" );
               0 )

That should be it.
I choose icon 34 for you, but you can choose a different one. Look here:

Another thing, when you finish testing this, close the Inbox and open design element properties (right click on Inbox in the list of folders) and select option that says something like "Prohibit refresh or replace to modify".

I hope I got this right, if not, ask...
Do you want to create a new view that shows only documents sent to you
or you want to add sorted column to existing view that lists cc field?
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
If you get version 7 or higher of the client and upgrade they've added preferences to the client so you can indicate if you were CC'd, BCC'd etc.

This would be a lot easier. If you make customizations to your inbox they could be overwritten by the server during a design refresh.
IClownAuthor Commented:
Hi mbonaci,

I'm not really sure.  I really just want to be able to identify email sent to me vs CC'd me without opening the message.  I know this can be done a lot of ways (using colors and so on...I've used all 3 of my color options).   I liked it best the way my old job had it:   there was a little icon that appeared to notify you if you were CC'd or BCC'd.  showed in the inbox message listing and allowed you to sort the messages for those that were for you vs those that were FYI only.
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
you sure that was version 6.5? What you describe is exactly what is in version 7 & 8.

It could have been in 6.5 but it has been several years since I've used it. If it is available it would be under tools->preferences in your mail box
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