Roaming profiles in 2008 environment.

We are building a new environment for an organization.

The environment will consist of all 64bit 2008 servers, 2008 64bit Terminal Servers, XP Workstations, and some vista workstations.

We plan on managing the workstation with ScriptLogic's Desktop Authority, drive/printer mappings, folder redirection, security, management, etc.

The IT Director wants to have Roaming profiles for whatever reason, and Ive read that the differences in the profile versions are going to create incompatibilities.

If we are going to use roaming profiles, i want them to be as small as possible, hence the folder redirection.

Can someone shed some light on this, if anyone has a similar domain?

Thanks in advance,

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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Folder Redirection enables you to redirect common folders, such as Documents and Desktop, out of the profile and to a network share. They are therefore always accessed from the network share, never locally on each user's PC.

Folder Redirection is configured by Group Policy. See for details. The procedure is essentially the same on a 2008 Server, except you must drill through 'Policies' beneath User Configuration in the Group Policy Object.

Folder Redirection requires a share on the server dedicated to the redirections. \\server\RedirectedFolders or \\server\Users are good, descriptive paths to create. Each user should then have a folder beneath this share named after their username, and they must have Full Control on that folder. Windows can automate this creation procedure with some careful considerations for security on the redirected folder root:



For Roaming Profiles between Vista/Server 2008 and XP workstations, you have no choice but to configure Folder Redirection. You need to redirect the base information out of the profiles, such as Documents and Desktop, out of the profile if you want to access it from all the machines on the network.

Moving these folders out of the profile will reduce the profile size considerably, making Roaming Profiles are feasible route. You must remember that settings will not migrate between a .V2 profile (Vista/Server 2008) and an XP workstation; users will have, in effect, 2 separate profiles, one for each OS version.

computermdnowAuthor Commented:
How do I go about properly setting that up, I would like to know what I can expect,

Matt, if you have experience doing this, would you please share what you have done?


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