adding a second Mailbox in Exchange 2007

Hello all,
I really do't know much about exchange. I have SBS2008 and it includes Exchange 2007. I need to add a second mailbox fr a user. She has a domail mailbox and I need to add a BlackBerry addresss so thta messages will flow to and from the Handheld.
In exchange I went to Recipient Configuration the I chose new mailbox.
I am assuming that I need a "User Mailbox".
On the following screen when I click on existing usr I don't have any names showing in the window.
Is this the correct area? Should I be asking for a new user?
Sorry for the newbie question, any insight would be appreciated.
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You cannot install BPS on to the SBS server itself, but if you install it on to a second server then it works fine with SBS 2008. That is the only compatibility issue.

If you are going to get BPS then I would look at doing the download shortly, as there are rumours that RIM will pull the product when BES 5.0 is released later in the year.

While you are using forwarding options you are at the mercy of antispam filtering at both sides. That will often explain why email is not being received correctly.

Ken FayalCTOCommented:
When you create a new mailbox Exchange expects that you are entering a new user as well.  You can add a new email address by going in to the Email Addresses tab and giving her a new email address, but I don't thnk this is what you are after.  

Why doesn't she want to have all of her exchange emails going to her blackberry?
It isn't clear what you are trying to do.
Do you just want emails for this user to be forward to the Blackberry?
Or are you trying to setup a completely separate mailbox for this user to use with their Blackberry device?

Any reason you aren't using a BES?

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LostInWindowsAuthor Commented:
The company has a total of 2 BlackBerry handsets. They will eventually move to BPS (BlackBerry Professional Server) if they can. I need to check as I have heard it is not compatible with SBS 2008 due to 64 bit items. For the interim I need to find a way for the 2 users to be able to send and receive all email from their BB. The problem seems to be related to internal emails. Anything from within the company rarely gets to them and any email they send to the company rarely arrives.
It has been suggested that adding the BB email to Excha nge would give some significant relief.
LostInWindowsAuthor Commented:
I had understood that SBS only allowed 1 server to be on the domain. How do you get around this issue? Isn't getting a second server to run 1 small program for 2 handhelds a bit of overkill? The customer just bought a new server last month and I really don't think that they will like the concept of purchasing a second one.
Your understanding is incorrect.
You can have as many servers as you like on an SBS domain. The only restriction is that the SBS Server must hold all of the FSMO roles.
You don't have to buy a "server" to run BPS. I have a client who runs it on an desktop that is about four years old. At home I run mine in a virtual machine.

I just did this and installed BPS on a Windows 2003 member server Server it worked great. I had it installed on a Windows XP machine and had problems although at another customer XP is working fine. DO NOT HAVE Outlook installed on the machine you are installing BPS. Follow the docs. there is another MS app you need to install before BPS I just cannot remember what it is.

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